Camper friendly multi functional bike for getting around with your baby or small child.

Here’s another post on how to travel with a baby / small child. We discovered this awesome bike with so many functionalities on the road! It’s a bike, it is a stroller, it’s a child table chair!

Travelling with a baby definitely requires quite a lot of additional equipment to make the journey comfortable. This bike is by far our best camping gadget for making the life easier camping with a baby / small child.

The bike itself is relatively big but what makes it perfect for camping is its folding functionality. The baby seat can be removed, the seat post taken off (or telescopic collapsed) and the steering rods/handles can be taken off / put down. See here how compact it gets when folded together.

On top of its’ camping friendly folding capability, what really makes this bike fantastic is its ability to be converted to a stroller! Yes, it is a bit big and has pedals and a bell but it can still be very handy to have on a bike trip! Finally, we found that the bike was also perfect as a baby chair at the camping table!

About the bike:
The Targa bikes are developed in the Netherlands. They come in different variations – we have the 1.0 version. The built quality is really good and everything feels solid. It has 3 inside shimano nexus gears and first gear is quite low meaning that some uphill bike is possible (not mountains but hills are possible (though a bit tough). The bike is made in aluminium and is quite low weight considering its. It has disc brakes on the front wheels and a drum brake on the rear wheel. It also has a simple handbrake functionality by locking the front brake lever. The child is strapped in by a 5-point harness sitting on first row enjoying the trip!

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