General tips and tricks travelling in a campervan in France.

France is a great place for camping – both in a van, caravan or tent. If you are travelling by campervan / RV / motorhome, then you should definitely check out France Passion. A map of great campsites (both regular campsites as well as recommended France Passion overnight stays) can be found here.

See below list for some quick tips:

  • Wild camping in France is not allowed. However, in the country side you could ask for allowance to stay at their property (farm land, driveway, etc.). Don’t rely on English speaking.
  • Driving on highways in France and quickly become expensive for a high vehicle (caravan, motorhome, rv or campervan). We found that because our van is 3 meters high, then on many highways we paid the same as a full grown heavy truck!). So if you are not in a hurry (and not driving across mountains) then take the nearby lower speed road instead. Here you can drive 80-90 km/t and they are often quite parallel to the highway.
  • In the mountains then the redirection using road vs highway can be big as you will often not drive through the same tunnels, bridges, etc.
  • Also if you take the road (instead of high-way) then be aware that you will encounter 100 roundabouts and often have a tail of trucks behind you (if you honor the speed limit!).