Yet again somebody felt an urge to graffiti our van! Read on how to remove
graffiti from both the car lacquer as well as the fiberglass top!

We thought our old van looked pretty good allready – apparently somebody felt it needed further decoration!

Unfortunately, this will be our second time of graffiti vandalisme! In other words, we a have a bit of experience removing graffiti … both from the car lacquer as well as the fiberglass.

Above picture shows how blue graffiti was sprayed at the fiberglass top. We found sprit to be most effective but use many cloths. The cloth with sprit will dissolve the paint so in order not to rub it too much around, clean cloths are needed for actually removing the paint. As soon as you are done, then wash the fiberglass with water and wax it to regain its coating.

Removing graffiti from the car lacquer (as shown in the top picture) was found to be possible using cellulose thinner. Again, use several cloths – one for the cellulose and another one for removing the paint. Cellulose attacks the lacquer so wash the car thoroughly as soon as you are done.

In both instances, we were able to remove the graffiti completely but it does take a couple of hours of scrubbing.

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