Talbot Express gutter improvement

The Talbot Express van is known for a troublesome gutter around the fiberglass top. The idea behind it is good I guess but people are reporting water ingress and rust as a result. Read how I improved the gutter design.

A common problem with the gutter on a Talbot Express is rust between the chasis and the fiberglass top as well as rust at the edge of the gutter itself. While no rust had formed here (beneath the black rubber strip), the seal between the fiberglass top and the chassis above the windscreen had seen better days. Even more important, I found, while repairing rust around the windscreen, that the rust originated from the design of the gutter combined with a bad windscreen rubber seal.

Apparent gap between chassis and windscreen rubber seal. This picture was taken in the process of a surface rust repair of the area.

The gutter collects water and leads it to the upper corners of the windscreen. The rubber seal had an apparent gap to the chassis so water was clearly entering and running down behind it. As a result rust had formed both at the upper corners in the bottom corners and several places in between.

Temporary fix of water ingress at the windscreen rubber seal. This picture was taken before sealing of the gap between the chassis and the fiberglass top.

The gutter improvement consisted of leading water past the rubber seal. This was achived by extending the gutter using a short piece of plastic (from a cable raceway). Agree, it might not be the most pretty solution but it works and I’m confident that it is a better design than the original one.

Here is the modification at the end of the gutter. This picture was taken before sealing off the gap between the chasis and the fiberglass top.

Below video proves my point – water is led past the corner of the windscreen rubber seal.

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