Bike-rack DIY for your campervan ladder

Does your van have a ladder but no hitch to install a bike rack on? Read how to carry your bikes anyway and avoid putting them on the roof or inside your van by this 10 minutes DIY!

Previous to our last campervan trip, we had to find some space to fit our bikes. With a baby seat, a stroller and a baby-chair, we didn’t have much space inside the van or on top. From that came the idea to modify a bike rack to fit on the ladder on the back of the van. The DIY turned out pretty good and carried a 27 kg combi/baby bike all 5000 km with no problems. The DYI is really easy and all you need is a foldable hitch bike rack and a metal drill bit (potentially a metal cutting saw depending on the bike rack being modified).

Notice I used a slightly different bike rack which had to be cut in two pieces.

For installation all you need to do is to find a good placement and drill through the ladder using same drill bit diameter as the bolt of click up/down bike rack. The click-up/down functionality of the bike rack is maintained as its tube circumference equals that found on most campervan or caravan ladders! This is great as the installation is easy and rack is only sticking out when being used. The circumference of my ladder / bike rack is 10 cm.

This is how it looks when not used.

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