Looking for a baby seat to your campervan

Difficulties finding a baby seat for your campervan not having a modern iso-fix system? I’ve made it easy for you, listing the options that can be used with 2-point seat belt systems only.

Finding a baby seat that can be installed in a campervan is not easy in particular if you have an old one like we do. Ours do not have iso-fix fastening system and not even 3-point belt systems in the back which is the recommended placement of a baby seat. Below list is a result of the research I recently did looking for a new baby seat in the +9 kg category. Looking for a baby seat for newborns, please read review here: (link coming soon)

First, I would like to mention that I’m no expert and only guide based on my own research and legal requirements in Denmark. In Denmark it is recommended to place your baby on the back seats facing against the driving direction. In general, isofix baby seats are recommended as the chance of installing them incorrectly are much lower than compared to belt systems. However, a properly installed belt baby seat can also offer good protection to your little one. Using belt systems it is important to ensure that they are properly secured and completely fixed. Finally, passive safety in terms of how you drive is equally important meaning we always drive carefully.

Below baby seats are those I found to be used legally with a 2-point seat belt system. They are all good baby seats contigent of a proper fastening. I have briefly listed the pro and cons below.

  • Britax Max-way, find it here
  • Britax Hi-Way, find it here
  • Maxi-Cosi mobi XP, find it here
  • Britax multi-tech (only first version is legal with 2-point seat belt), find it here
  • Britax Rømer Eclipse (notice forward facing seat): find it here

From what I could read on ADAC together with Danish and Swedish crash testing, all 5 baby seats are safe but are all “dumped” as a result of being seat belt fastening systems only. Again, if you do have a isofix system available in your car/van/camper/rv/motorhome, that is definitely preferable. Also, unless you can only place the baby seat in the driving direction, then we recommended one of the other 4 backward facing baby seats.

We bought ourselves the Britax Hi-way. It is very similar to the Max-Way which can be considered as a big-brother / slightly more advanced version. However, the Hi-way seat is slightly smaller which made the choice for us. If you have the space then the Max-way is recommended. The Max-Way has a better levelling system, adjustable head support

The Maxi-Cosi mobi XP differentiates a bit as it comes with a tilting system. While this could be useful, then it seems to be rather limited tilt and keep in mind that the prefered most safe position is upright. This baby seat looks quite solid but the bottom plate is curved which did not fit our flat back seats.

The Britax Multi-tech (first version) also seems like a good safe baby seat. However, it does not have a level system facing the seat belts, which can be make it a challenge installing it in the right / most safe angle. Again as our back seats are flat, we needed the adjustment possibility.

The Britax Rømer Eclipse is only recommended as the last resort if non of the other baby seats can fit your car/van. Despite being forward facing, it also does not have any additional anchoring points nor any footprop support. These two additional support / fastening functionalities are what secures the other baby seats such that they are completely fixed.

Locating proper anchoring points in a campervan can be a challenge. The straps are inteended to be secured around the seats in front or at the metal frame of those seats. Alternatively it should be mounted in metal frame of the car. That was unfortunately not possible in our case. While it might not be a certified mount then the rectangular eye plate is bolted into the seat structure in front.

(If you found the post useful and are about to buy one of the baby seats mentioned, doing so from one of the above links will help keep this blog running)

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